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Family Life Coaching

These days, it is often seen that the internal communication within the family is absent or, at best, inadequate. Most of us are becoming gadget freaks, and children are becoming loners. Social skills, human interactions, and familial ties are few of the casualties which might even lead to weak family bonds in the long run. 


Family life coaching is an amalgamation of individual life coaching and parenting. We coach each member of a family individually as well as mentor the family together. Through Family Life Coaching, we aim to not only bring uniformity in the family's collective thinking but also exponentially improve communication. We want each family member to feel understood and respected; we want each person to contribute to the wellbeing of the family. 


Family Life Coaching can be done by staying with the family for a few days so that we can introduce and monitor transformations in thinking and doing things. Alternatively, Family Life Coaching can also be provided through bi-weekly interactions without staying with the family. We teach effective parenting techniques to parents and teach children to become self-reliant and forward-thinking. 


Areas addressed are:

Relationship management

Family finance management

Effective parenting

Meditations to boost focus and attentiveness

Trust and open communication

Right eating & diet management

Meditative Yoga and lean muscle exercises

Mind-management techniques

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