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Advanced Courses

The prerequisite for joining this program is the basic Life Coaching Course and practicing the Sutras for a sufficient period. The advanced course would include deep mind-management practices and spiritual practices leading to better energy management, self-healing, and excellent health. We work on the energy flow in the spine (Sushumna Nadi) and the energy centres (Chakras). These alleviate obstructions in emotions, thought processes, and enhance physical wellbeing. 


With guided practice, we can experience the power of mind where the vibrational energy of the mind can be felt in even moving the physical objects. We can heal our body to a great extent, though it does not mean that we will never fall ill. However, a greater control over bodily and mental functions is achieved in this program. There are proven benefits of these techniques that are supported by the biochemistry reports of the participants.


They say that if we understand death, we'd understand life. Life cannot be lived fully without venturing deep into the mystery of death. Though discussion about death is a taboo in most cultures across the world, detailed discussions on the art and science of dying in this advanced course allow a new understanding of death. A perceptional shift in our understanding about death can lead to a profound transformation in life. 


Advance Course takes us to the depth of concepts and practices taught in basic life coaching. Advanced breathing practices, yoga and different kinds of meditation having different impact on the body-mind-energy matrix leading to bliss and a sense of equanimity in life – the state referred to ‘sthitha-pragya’ in Bhagwat Gita.

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