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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique used worldwide for therapeutic and spiritual purposes by psychologists, psychiatrists, and healers. Dr. Brian Weiss and several other doctors spearheaded it. PLR successfully helps in treating people with severe trauma – both emotional and physical. 


The manifestation of our life is not an isolated incident; it's a continuous flow like a river. The current outcomes are the results of the past experiences and learnings that span over many lifetimes. PLR is based on the Law of Karma and Sakshi Bhava (witnessing self) of the Bhagwad Gita, where the subject witnesses those past lives which have some bearing on the current life.


A therapist guides the patient, mitigating the effects caused by events of past lives. There is a definite improvement in the quality of the patient's current life, although the benefits vary from person to person.


However, PLR is not for everyone and must not be done just for curiosity. Most people have the habit of chewing the past again and again and very few remain in the present. If we can’t handle the memories, esp. the negative incidents of this lifetime, how are we supposed to deal with the ones from past lives which would come with PLR. For this reason, I am very selective in choosing my clients. I regress people only as a last resort when the usual techniques of life management stop yielding results, or the person is unable to find a way forward in an important aspect of their life.


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