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SAKSHAM  Samvaad

Saksham Samvaad can be loosely translated in English as Enabling Conversation. It’s aimed at enhancing our understanding about life – which comprises of our body, mind, emotions, and energy. The interaction between these manifests in our lives in various ways like joy or misery, healthy or unhealthy body, success or failure in professional life, good or bad relationships, wealth or financial struggle and so on. Conversation with the life coach would make you capable (saksham) of handling life issues better. 


So, welcome to this live platform for discussions where you can participate by asking questions. The questions will be included in the discussion along with your name (you also have the freedom to go anonymous). Life Coach Sanjiv Pandey will also respond to the queries made during the live show but precedence would be given to the questions sent through the website. 


You can ask about any life issue like happiness and health, parenting, career guidance, food and nutrition, breathing practices and yoga, spirituality, pre & post pregnancy coaching, past life regression, pre-marital guidance, emotional wellness issues like anger, fear, anxiety, stress and so on.

It is available on Youtube {}


We will also invite persons with deep understanding about life from time to time to have profound conversations. 


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