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Pre-Post Pregnancy Guidance

Bringing a child on this planet is one of the most crucial decisions in one's life. The creation of a new life is more than a biological process: our scriptures tell us (which has been seconded by modern research) that the soul chooses the womb. There are elaborate methods that, if followed, can invite an evolved soul. Your child can have enhanced life-energies to lead an impactful life on this planet.


Let's imagine that a guest comes to stay with us - unannounced - while we are busy with our own affairs. What do we do? We put up a compromised arrangement: the guest remains on their own as we can't take off from the office to take them around. The quality of our interaction with them is not very good for the paucity of time. In a nutshell, the treatment meted out to him remains lukewarm at best. Now consider another situation where we invite a guest, schedule our office accordingly, prep the house by putting new linens and flowers in the guest room, and offer sumptuous food. If a good welcome is assured, the guest wouldn't think of staying in a star hotel nearby. Same way, preparing the soon-to-be parents to welcome a soul is essential rather than to have an accidental baby. 


Saksham Pregnancy Life Coaching starts training three months before conception and continues throughout the pregnancy and until the child is four years old. It enables the couple for a conscious and planned pregnancy. There are techniques to increase the life energies of the Being entering the womb to enhance the mental faculties and even to have a healthier body.


First 4 years of the child are very important, psychologically as well as spiritually. Parents need to handle the child very cautiously yet with abundance of love. Initial years determine the self-esteem, self-love and instil in the child a sense of security and trust towards life. We also coach the parents regarding financial planning for the future of the child. 


In short, the program prepares the parents to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and enables them to contribute holistically in the life of the newly arrived child while enjoying motherhood and fatherhood.


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