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UNNATI - A Social Initiative

Everything in nature is cyclical: it even applies to our actions. We are not absolute owners of our money, possessions, power, or relations. At best, we can call ourselves trustees appointed for a certain time. Our life is nothing but an endless cycle of giving and taking. If we reach out to someone with positive intentions and perform a good deed, the goodness returns to us - often magnified. People I've worked with and I have experienced this cycle of goodness many times. 


A few years back, some like-minded friends and I started an informal project of identifying young kids who are keen to learn and have the necessary talent. We would then mentor, guide, and assist them with whatever means we could gather so that they realise their dreams and make a decent standing in life. We called this initiative Unnati: the spirit of improvement. It is not a formal, registered entity as none of us wanted to get into the rigmarole of an organisation. Unnati relies on non-binding, free-flowing contributions from people. 


If you know a child who is hardworking and sincere but doesn't have the necessary resources, we'd love to guide and help them. The only essential condition is that the recommended child must have a keenness to learn and an earnest desire to reach high in life. I will get in touch with the child, and if possible, we will start mentoring them. Of course, our parameters are stringent as we are not getting bulk funds from anywhere. 


It is a voluntary effort by us to give back to the society. This is our Personal Social Responsibility


I would also invite you to come forward and join ‘Unnati’. Since it is not a formal organization, there are no overhead costs. You will directly get in touch with the beneficiary child with active cooperation from us. 

Get in touch with us to join hands: 

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