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Individual Life Coaching

The average human being has better resources than ever before. Distinguishing between comforts and quality of life, we often find that our happiness, peace, and contentment with life are compromised. An individual who might be excelling at their career but is dissatisfied with their health or relationships may benefit from Life Coaching. People undergoing mental duress like anxiety, depression, anger management issues, or a general lack of inner wellness will also profit vastly from Life Coaching. In short, if you don't feel that everything is fine although you have better personal resources, Life Coaching might be the thing for you. 


Life Coaching aims to teach the person how to create a balance in which they can live each day with awareness and joy while having a socially successful life. It is essentially a hand-holding program aimed at the orbital or quantum growth of a person. 

Life Coaching focuses on specialised development in various spheres of life: health, emotions, profession, finance, psychology, and interpersonal relationships. Working with the individual, we customize the program to their specific needs; we couple age-old spiritual Sutras with modern scientific techniques. 


By doing so, the body, mind, and energy systems become more capable. We can optimize our performance in whatever we do by being more efficient. 


The complete Life Coaching package consists of

- Healthy diet management

- Personal finance management

- Meditative yoga 

- Breathing techniques to rejuvenate the cells of the body

- Mind management techniques 

- Relationship management

- Meditation

- Energy enhancement 

- Initiation into spirituality 


Over the years, civil servants, professionals, students, homemakers, patients, and retired personnel have benefitted immensely from Individual Life Coaching. 

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