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Effective Parenting

As my wife and I raised our daughter, Aayushi, we realized that although parenting is one of the most significant responsibilities of adult life, most parents are never trained for parenting. When we home-schooled Aayushi, we further started coming up with methodologies and techniques to facilitate her learning in a KAIZEN fashion. Today, Aayushi is a published author and is pursuing mathematical sciences and creative writing at one of the top universities in the world. 


After research and application, I've realized that successful parenting has three most evident results. Children should be emotionally balanced and mature; children should be able to analyze and make healthy decisions for themselves; children should take responsibility for their actions. 


All these things are easier said than accomplished. A battery of parenting techniques is needed to make it happen.


Parenting has always been difficult, but in this era of nuclear families, rapidly changing technology, and information invasion, it has become a tremendous challenge. Rising affluence further complicates the problem by making children demanding and not valuing money. Often, parents are not able to strike the right balance between the just and unjust demand of the kids and end up surrendering to their children's demands. However, the children may not be mature enough to comprehend the full consequences of their demands. 


Raising your child to become compassionate, successful, and happy is crucial. It not only creates an aura of positivity around them but also makes them responsible citizens of this planet. This is a legacy you would like to leave behind.


There is a definite shift not only in the body but also in the psyche of the child once they enter teenage. The parents need to understand them accordingly. Hence, the parenting techniques are different for children between 5 to 12 years of age and adolescents between 13 to 18 years of age. 


Saksham Parenting imparts wholesome techniques on parenting, where you not only train your child but also prepare yourself to lead a meaningful life once the child is independent. The methods are an amalgamation of spiritual and modern psychological concepts. They create a much-desired balance in life by making the journey of parenting joyful.


I conduct Parenting Workshops in schools, residential complexes and coach individual parents too. 

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