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Life Management Workshops

Life Management Workshops are customised programs designed for different institutions – government and corporate. We work towards the conceptual clarity of participants about how the body and mind work. Why do we think what we think; how this paradigm of thinking can be transformed to our advantage? Are we slaves of our nature, or can we alter it? We help the participants delve deep into their mind to see how it has been shaped. By employing certain mind management techniques, participants can enhance their thought processes. Ergo, Life Management Workshops enable people to be more efficient in all spheres of their life. 


Our body is the vehicle via which we live our lives. Hence, Life Management Workshops aim to shed light on nutrition and its assimilation in the body. We can increase the efficiency of our body-mind matrix by resorting to right eating, right thinking and right breathing. Body and mind are no longer viewed as two different entities; they are two sides of the same coin. With right mind management techniques, we can alter the endocrine system to our advantage.


We apply transformative techniques and the understanding of phenomena discussed above to address the following topics in our Life Management Workshops. These workshops are interactive, anecdotal, and effective. 


# Work-Life Balance

# Stress Management

# Time Management

# Personal Finance Management

# Conflict Management

# Communications Skills

# Surpassing Stereotypes – A workshop that addresses the upbringing which stops women from unleashing their full potential                                                    

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