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My Story

I am Sanjiv Pandey. I did my graduation in Civil Engineering in 1989 and joined Civil Services in 1994. I was enjoying a cushy life until I witnessed the death of my first daughter. Her death was closely followed by that of my best friend. Their loss shattered me. However, they also posed many existential questions before me. Perhaps the time had come for me to reconnect with my eternal journey. They say death is a great teacher, and sure enough, death showed me a different way to look at life. 


I spent significant time in solitude in the Himalayas, learning and practicing ancient techniques of mind and energy management, breathing, and yoga. By 2011, my experiences compelled me to resign from my job as a Joint Secretary with the Government. I witnessed two of my past lives, connecting threads of my past to have a better understanding of my current life. In my career with the Government of about 17 years, I was on intermittent leave for more than 30 months to delve deep into these esoteric sciences: further developing my understanding of the Body-Mind-Energy Matrix. 


I was a yoga practitioner since my childhood but to further enrich my understanding, I did a diploma in yoga and ayurveda in 2010. For my research into the domains of the body, mind, and energy, I read many texts: ancient and modern. I've tried to understand why we remain in misery even after settling well in life; why our aspirations or desires toy with us; why we fear death; what is the purpose of life; and who we really are. Answering these questions enables us to increase our happiness while continuing with our everyday lives. 


I have had my share of pitfalls too. I have experienced accumulation, endless desires, and incidents which I'm not proud of now. But I have also realised that good-bad, right-wrong even ideals are mental constructs and are devices to achieve the larger goal of life at the end of the day. Mind always makes us choose one side as it thrives on division (that is ego in other words). If we can rise above duality and learn total acceptance, flow of life becomes harmonious. Conscious action in the present is what matters coupled with awareness about the consequences as everything in this universe is interconnected.

As a patient suffering from spondylitis for 18 years, I got confident in my methods when my spondylitis got cured! My health proved the effectiveness of the techniques I had learned and practiced. Since then, I have assisted people with physical and mental issues like cancer, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and emotional trauma. Through practical and easily implementable techniques, people I've worked with have led happier and healthier lives. Everything I share here or in my workshops comes from first-hand experiences of people I've worked with or myself. 


I work as a Life and Productivity Coach for individuals, corporates, and the government sector. I developed the Saksham Life Management Workshops, and the Saksham Wellness Retreat. I work with individuals and groups in a way that is aimed at creating overall wellness and better mental and physical health while continuing our regular lives. I mentor students and conduct Parenting Workshops in schools and other places. I am a past life regression therapist too.


My inner quest continues. I am a teacher as well as a learner. I trust life, and it takes care of me. I live each day as it comes, without planning much for the future. 

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