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Journey is more important than destination

My daughter Aayushi is preparing for her IGCSE Exams. Few months back I initiated a conversation with her seeing her stressed out. Actually she is doing two years’ studies in one year.

The gist of the talk is as follows– Success is like reaching a summit. One can’t stay there for long. But the major part of the entire project is preparation or journey to the success. Once we achieve the goal, we enjoy, celebrate and soon fix our eyes on a new goal. Another round of preparation begins. In other words, most of our time is utilised in preparation, not at the pinnacle of success. So journey should also be enjoyable. But how is that possible when the pressure of winning or fear of failure looms large! That’s where putting our 100% comes. If we give our best, our job is over; we need not worry about the result. Best utilisation of time, right effort at the highest efficiency, controlling our thoughts from going astray, keeping our body fit enough to take the toil are essential to make the journey pleasurable. 

Success may or may not come but at least we would have the satisfaction that we had done our best. And I have seen in my life that after putting 100% if one doesn’t get the desired result, often the best path for him is something else. This is known only after some years. Now when I look back on my life from this perspective, the so-called failures or disappointments were the best things which had happened to me and which shaped my life. I have no regrets about them.

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