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Learnings – 1

My daughter loves and appreciates one of our close relatives who is a senior citizen. At times she tells me, “See Dad, he is so perfect. One can learn a lot from him.” I actually agree with her on this.

Well, was that person like this all through his life? No. He also had his share of stupidities. I know that because he is known to me too. But at the same time hats off to him for reaching this stage today. This shows his kaizen spirit.

Then I look at myself. So many flaws in me; I’ve committed so many mistakes! But is it not normal? Is it not part of growing up?

Now I’m so cool with myself while I’m aware of my flaws. I’m learning, improving and developing myself on intellectual and spiritual fronts.

When I reflect deeply and look at the broader canvas of life, few things emerge::

  1. I need not be harsh on myself.

  2. I should learn to forgive myself as well as others.

  3. Everyone experiences bitter, negative phases in life. Those who learn from those become elevated, rest keep on repeating the mistakes and suffer.

  4. No need of any guilt over past mistakes. Guilt damages the spirit within. Rather learning from negative episodes of life is more important.

  5. Positive incidents also teach us. One, that these incidents gave us happiness, so cherish them. Two, never forget the people who were instrumental in that process. Remain in gratitude towards them.

  6. Remember the positive episodes of life more than negative ones. This requires tremendous effort as we, because of our conditionings, have become more misery-oriented. Many times we seek attention by inviting misery or suffering. Happy people are noticed less and appreciated even lesser.

Everything in life is bipolar – ups and downs, happiness and misery, good and bad; are part of life. Accepting life as it comes leads to equanimity and bliss.

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