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Same Body, Different Views

Recently my wife and my daughter joined Sparrc Institute; a different kind of physiotherapy centre. Dr. Kannan had a very different view of body and the way we generally relate with diseases. He could tell about the pain or weakness in a certain part of the body by just touching and feeling that part. We need not label ourselves suffering from a particular disease. One can take it as a condition which can come and go. Putting the label is internalising the disease; he has a point.

There are several ways to look at and understand the body.

I have a Vaidya friend who would tell about you, first by just looking at you and then by holding your pulse. He would start from what you had eaten the previous day to the problem you are suffering from, to even what’s going on in your mind.

A good experienced allopathy doctor can explain the discomfort of the body in vivid details even without the help of modern diagnostic tools. Now modern medical science has also started taking congnizence of mind as most of the diseases are psychosomatic.

Then there are number of alternative healing systems like accupressure, acupuncture, reiki, pranic healing, sujog etc. which also present quite effective treatments for many physical problems.

I remember my tryst with spondylitis. I suffered for almost 18 years; severe pain in neck and lower back. Then the disease vanished when I worked on my Body-Mind-Energy matrix. If you manage the mind well, simplify it; body-mind resumes the natural flow leading to good health.

There always are several ways to look at the same thing. In case of body, it never lies, but mind does. So whatever is the way, knowing and befriending our body is very important.

Most of the time our attention is on mind along with the meanings or interpretations it spews every moment. We feel our body only when something is wrong with it. We have a habit of verbalising (verbalising essentially is an outcome of mental involvement) every experience/feeling which takes away the intensity and depth of experience. If an experience or feeling does not seep inside us, the appended learning doesn’t come; for that one needs time and patience. It is more important to feel the experience than to think about it; which is possible only if we remain centred. Then whatever we experience, it takes us towards completing that experience.

Breath and Body consciousness keep us in present, free from the games our mind plays.  With some practice, one would be able to establish control over the mind and would start using it as and when required, the way we use many other tools and skills; other than that we can watch it sitting in one corner. This is one way to attain peace and tranquility.


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