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Over the last many years, I have been asking one question to the participants in my workshops, “How many of you can say that you are truly happy, with zero complaints with life?” Typically, the number of hands raised in the air remains in a single digit. 


Why so? Most of us are enjoying better living conditions and have better financial security than our parents or grandparents; however, our happiness quotient remains low. Somewhere along the way, the ideas we created about success, wealth, aspirations, happiness, possessions, and relationships became agonizing. They rob us of joy and peace of mind. 


Our desires never stop growing; dissatisfaction or complaints keep building up. Although there is nothing wrong with making money, getting famous, climbing the ladder of social success; perhaps there is a problem in our understanding of life and how it functions. Maybe, we have lost the sense of proportion in life. 

Saksham Life Management is a small step towards reclaiming the tranquillity and bliss that also happen to be our true nature. In this journey of self-exploration through practical and easily implementable Sutras, we intend to optimize the true potential of the body-mind-energy matrix so that our efficiency and productivity reach their pinnacle while making us blissful.

Sanjiv Pandey
Life & Productivity Coach
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“I met Sanjiv Pandey Sir during our training as DANICS officer at UTCS Academy in Delhi. Sir took classes on life management and honestly it was the most interesting part of our classroom programs. I used to look forward for sir's sessions. There is a unique positive aura in sir's personality. Whole environment becomes cheerful with his presence. He develops a personal connect with the person such that you can share everything with him, be it your personal or professional life and trust me, the advice you get is the best. I remember one session on breathing technique where sir taught us how to breathe in the right manner so that it helps in controlling anger, anxiety and increases our efficiency. It was such a simple yet profound thing and I implemented that in my daily life. I changed for good after that.”

Navneet Mittal, IAS

(Formerly DANICS Probationer)

Govt. of India

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“Sanjiv Sir taught me how to keep life simple. He helped me learn how to take the toughest decisions of life with a rational mind. He taught me to think with my 'higher mind'. I learned how to manage the times of self-doubt and lows of life. It’s a blessing to have someone wiser than you and also understands you like a friend. So, Sanjiv sir is like a friend, mentor and inspiration.”

Prashansa Khandelwal

Student, IIM Kozhikode


Our Clients:


1. Directorate of Training (UTCS Academy), Delhi

2. Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon

3. Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

4. Dharamshila Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

5. Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India

6. BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.

7. Delhi Police

8. Parisa Communications Pvt. Ltd. (

9. Quality Council of India, New Delhi

10. Siemens Technologies Ltd. Gurugram

11. Departments of Government of NCT of Delhi

12. Colleges of Delhi University

And, numerous personal life coaching cases.

"I feel fortunate to have come in contact with Mr. Sanjiv during a very tough phase of my life. After our initial 1-2 discussions with him, I felt everything is fine and dealt with situations with a more stable mind. Through our discussions over a long period of time since then, I got a chance to learn multiple things in life from him, be it related to health, mind, spirituality, personal finance, self-improvement, etc..  I have put those learnings into action and have experienced the benefits. It is true that one can read about any topic in books or internet, but nothing can substitute the benefit of concentrated knowledge backed by experience.

He has been a wonderful mentor/coach for me and I can reach out to him for anything in life."


Manik Singhal

Software Engineer, Adobe

“The journey of cancer treatment and recovery is full of emotional turmoil. The convalescence period needs hand holding and motivation. For which support group activities are undertaken. One such support group has been developed in Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in 2015 .Mr. Sanjiv Pandey has been part of this Support group since more than 4 years and has contributed immensely to the growth of the group . He is really warm hearted and gracious person who can bring change to peoples’ lives. He brings not only depth, warmth and wisdom to his workshops, he also has a sense of humour and charm, that invites trust and ease to the survivors. He has conducted many workshops with a holistic approach.

Mr. Sanjiv connects well and engages in interesting techniques to address their concerns.

He has helped many patients  in addressing their concerns about anxiety and stress and has played an important role in their restorative process.

His suggestions about relevant strategies to cope with different challenging situations in life are very practical to adopt. He has also participated in the cultural activities of the support group, where he has steered the motivational open house discussions. 

I have nothing but praise and admiration for his skills as a life coach.”


Dr. Kanika Sharma Sood
Clinical Lead & Senior Consultant 

Dharamshila Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

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